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Are you counting down the days for your tropical beach holiday? Following a trip to  the Maldives, I took my usual assortment of white embroidered cotton voile kaftans and dresses. Cool to wear, easy to pack and oh so practical for those lazy days in the sunny climes of the Indian Ocean.

But wait! What I was more in need of was something a little more glam. Jealously eyeing up some of the French and Italian women at a rather posh Island resort, I felt somewhat in need of a few glamorous pieces which rivalled the ones worn by these stylish in-the-know ladies who seemed to be rather au fait with the dress codes at these luxury resorts. Breakfast, lunch, pre dinner drinks there they were looking incredibly chic in their well chosen holiday attire.

I headed off to the Island Boutique cash in hand, desperate to buy something there and then. Sadly I was out of luck, there was nothing even remotely similar to these  super stylish kaftans.

It got me thinking.....why not design a beach wear collection which would blend the vibe of the destination with the effortless style worn by these luxury world travellers. There began the idea of creating a brand which was inspired by the colours of the lush shores of the Maldives and the designs of Indian textile archives, added into the mix a dash of Bollywood glamour. Well why not we are on hohday for goodness sake!  

To make sure I was ready for that next warm trip on the horizon, I put together a  carefully edited range of silk kaftan dresses. 

So when you're packing for that next sunny beach holiday, look for pieces you can layer over a bikini or swimsuit, which are comfortable to wear all day if necessary and have that elusive island style.

Make sure you don't get caught out like me without taking these holiday wardrobe essentials. Head to the champagne bar or stroll along the white sandy beaches in a cool glamorous kaftan. Those enviable seasoned travellers know a thing or two about styling out their luxury escapes and you've gotta love them for it!

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